DHARA has worked with over 10,000 villagers and provided their children with food, shelter and basic education to ensure a bright future. DHARA Trust works in the villages of Jharkand.



We aim to strengthen the functioning of Panchayats and ensuring empowerment of the underprivileged.

DHARA was established in the year 2001. The organisation came into being after our Chief functionary of the organization gained experience from various philanthropic activities he was actively a part of. He has had the opportunity to engage with many people with the same interest and drive to help the underprivileged people of Jharkhand. The organisation also aims to uphold and preserve the rich culture and traditions of the state. Even today, Jharkhand continues to reel under poverty, devoid of basic amenities required for survival, DHARA recognised the need and decided to provide relief to the ones in need. Currently, our organisation works primarily with two districts of Jharkhand which are Bokaro and Dhanbad. We help eradicate malnutrition and aim to provide basic education for women and children. In 2005 the organisation focused on the rights of children and intended to bring change through protection of resources such as water, forest and land.


DHARA aspires to works towards an egalitarian society ensuring equity which includes gender equity, social justice,a sense brotherhood and self esteem. We work towards promoting self reliance along with actively protecting the rights and interests of a community. DHARA greatly emphasises on the need to have harmony among people through protection of natural resources.


The team members of DHARA are committed to community development of the downtrodden. The organisation works to empower the tribal, backward and marginalised sections of the society. The aim is to ensure protection of women and children's rights. We also try to revive and preserve social values through the Gram Sabha empowerment and by promoting the education of youth through organising training and social activities along with activities aimed at conservation of natural resources for an entire societal reform.






Founder Secretary




Chief Functionary


Sudhir kumar pal




Lukman Ansari




Objectives of DHARA
1.To ensure equal opportunity and decision making of all communities in the society through strengthening of Gram Sabhas
2.To establish community rights and control over natural resources
3.To establish gender equality in the process of socio-economic- political and cultural development
4.To make self-reliant and self-dependant of excluded and exploited communities, adivasi, dalit, women and children in the sense of economically, socially, politically and intellectually
5.To aware and organize the oppressed people against social inequalities and superstitious traditions
6.To create the environment for ensure child rights
7.To facilitate a proactive alliance building for peoples oriented policy advocacy for implementation of children and women’s right with like-minded groups and networks.


Strengthening of Gram Panchayats
DHARA works on strengthening of Gram Sabhas by organizing meetings and other activities. Its helps to people to participate in Gram Sabhas and discuss on rights and entitlements as well as development issues. DHARA organized capacity building training programs of Elected Women Representatives.
Women Empowerment
Women empowerment initiatives are always a major concern of DHARA. It is important and necessary making the women aware and empower on social, economical, health and gender issues for their betterment and participation in various rolls of the society. It is being done through training programs a community level.
Child right and welfare
The Organization envisages focusing on educational development of young girls and boys towards their personality development. More concern is given to enroll girl children in the schools as well as to reduce their dropout. It also put in effort to save the children from child trafficking. DHARA implemented child development initiatives with support from CRY among children of ICDS centers.
Livelihood promotion
DHARA is implanting livelihood promotion activities with support of District Welfare Office, Bokaro on Horticulture and rainwater harvesting activities among tribal farmers. Main activities are; plantation of fruit plants, renovation of water bodies, creation of small ponds and Dobhas.
Forest Right Act
Dhara is working in 5 villages of Kasmar Block, Bokaro district on Forest Right Act through mobilizing community and facilitating for availing Pattas. The program is facilitated and supported through Jharkhand Van Adhikar Abhiyan.
Right to Education
DHARA is an active member of Jharkhand Right to Education Forum (JRTEF) and making capable to School Management Committees (SMC) towards 100 per cent enrollment and 0 per cent drop out among school going children. Apart from this parents and community also mobilized for creating a better educational environment.
Promotion of local culture and traditions
Conservation and protection of culture and tradition is a big challenge in fast developing society. Youngsters used to forget and ignore their tradition and culture and adopt modern culture. This kind of practices affects the identity of any society. The livelihood and social bounding are correlated with each other and maintain the harmony. DHARA mobilize the people to save their culture and tradition and organizes events where people of all cast and religion participate.
Gender Sensitization
An activity “Jimmedar Pita” is being organized in its operational area where responsibility of a father towards protection, promotion and development of girl child discussed. It includes providing opportunity for education, employment, self development etc. A special focus is given on stop early marriage of a girl child.
Gram Swaraj Abhiyan
DHARA is Network Partner of Ba-Bapu 150 Swaraj Sangh and holds meetings, seminars etc. in the community to make people aware on relevance and need of Swaraj by thinking and applying Mahatma Gandhi’s thoughts and principles.
Environment Protection
Towards environment protection DHARA take initiative to aware about, Forest protection, plantation and keep clean water bodies e.g. Rivers, Ponds and Dams. In this process School children, Social Workers, PRI Members and community being involved through Nukkad, Slogan, Sabhas, Pad Yatra etc. People are encouraged to do Plantation as much as possible at their level best. DHARA takes part in the campaigns organized for Damodar Bachao Abhiyan, Swachh Garga Bachao Abhiyan and other Displacement related issues which affect Jal, Jangal and Jamin




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